Meet Robin

Born and raised just outside of Baltimore, MD I was exposed to the city's art scene at a young age. I gained an appreciation for art by visiting galleries and museums with my father, whom is also a painter.  My desire to create has manifested in many different forms, one of which is visual art.  I followed this creative path as I went to college. I received my Undergraduate degree in Art Education from Towson University and my Masters in Painting from the Savannah College of Art of Design. After spending four years in Atlanta I now reside in Baltimore, where I was raised.  Here I teach art and yoga in addition to working on my personal art.

I primarily work with graphite on paper in order to create shadowboxes that address the concept of space and time.  This space can be physical or emotional but is most always transient. The places I depict are precious due to their impermanence. A fond memory, a specific emotional state, or a dream-like space develops to become a work on paper. The delicacy of the subject matter is reflected in the fragile paper and materials used, all of which are housed in a protective shadow box.  My shadowboxes have an object-like quality which further promotes the desire to protect and treasure the work.

My material choice is directed by the work's concept.  In addition to graphite, I love what can be achieved with oils and create paintings on smooth surfaces such as paper and panel.  As of late, I have very much enjoyed experimenting with textiles in the creation of dreamcatchers.

Thank you for you interest in my work!  I would love to hear from you- please feel free to contact me at