Gender Equality

WOllo University, Dessie, Ethiopia

I traveled to Ethiopia this summer to volunteer with a Gender Equality Camp directed by Peace Corps.  I wanted to paint a mural, inspired by the camp and got permission to do so through the University.  I designed the piece and had it approved before I was in-country.

While creating the mural I noticed what a buzz it started on campus!  Conversations about gender and women's empowerment became very public between university students as well as between students and myself.  What better way to share a message?!  So much of the feedback was positive and complimentary.  What a disappointment when, even though it was approved months prior, the campus ended the project prematurely due to a few complaints from people with dated ideals.  We tried to negotiate with design and placement: we can get rid of the eye (which I came to find was controversial on its own), we can move this to a girls' dorm common space, but nothing work.  It felt like such a loss.  BUT...what an impression an image can make!  The beginnings of this mural exist on a wall outside of classrooms.  And as long as it does, the image will cause students to stop, observe, and say, "What is the message?"

Mountaineer Mural

Private home in Baltimore, Maryland


Points South Latin Kitchen

1640 Thames St., Baltimore, Maryland





I was commissioned to paint two murals for Points South Latin Kitchen.  It was important to me to represent tradition, places, and styles of Central and South America, as the creative menu takes its inspiration from traditional Latin American cuisine.  I researched well known landscapes, religious practices and contemporary artists working in these countries to design and execute the murals.


baltimore parking pad

Baltimore, Maryland

What a blessing to have a parking pad in this city!  Let's adorn it

(Time lapse video)

This mural speaks to the Baltimore culture: the city's sports teams, love of the Chesapeake Bay and Blue Crabs, the Maryland State Flower (Blackeyed Susan), and is themed with Maryland State Flag colors- yellow, red and black.

atlanta beltline grant

Atlanta, Georgia


Two weeks in August 2013 were spent executing a mural for the Atlanta BeltLine.  This was one of my most wonderful experiences as an artist!  I met so many joyful and positive people while working and was able to connect with them around their community.  We spoke about how The BeltLine was redefining their neighborhood by bringing families out to play, encouraging physical activity, and starting conversations with beautiful artwork.  Friends came by to share a beer or paint a flower.  A special thanks to my dear friend Elizabeth Gilmore who was present on many, many hot days in the sun!  

The imagery in my mural was inspired the The BeltLine project itself: a former railway corridor around the core of the city, under development in stages as a multi-use trail.

To those that travel the Eastside Trail- you make the Beltline the powerful communal force that it has become!  Thank you to all of you!


(Time lapse video)